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Random afternoon at the Beer Engine in Lakewood

Drinking Avery Brewing Company – Hog Heaven Barleywine. This is a good beer

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Heading to Great Lakes Beer School

Just a real short post. I’m currently heading to Great Lakes for their Beer School. I have never been to their school, so im extremely excited to see what’s all about. The best part about going tonight is that is … Continue reading

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Heading over to Buckeye Beer Engine’s Wood Age Beer

I have done about as much research for this post as i used to for my Communications 101 down at UD.   George and I are heading over to Buckeye Beer Engine for their Wood Aged Beer Event.   It started this … Continue reading

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Beer Infographic | Hops: Bitterness, Flavors & Aromas

Just a quick little update guys. A couple of weeks back I found a ton of Beer Infographs.  I know we have linked to a few in the past that showed a complete overview of the brewing process.  Today’s Beer … Continue reading

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Creating our All-Grain Oatmeal Chocolate Stout

A couple of weeks ago Patrick and I decided we needed to make the leap into All-Grain Brewing.   We did about as much research as you would expect from us … almost zero.  Unfortunately, we sometimes have the tendency to … Continue reading

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The Lakewood Pillars Wing Crawl 8/20/11

In keeping up the trend of posting events at the last minute … I present to you The Pillars of Lakewood Wing Crawl. The event is tomorrow (8/20/11) starting at 1 in the afternoon and ending at 7pm.  As far … Continue reading

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Our Black Rye IPA Beer Competition Scoresheet

I hope all is going well with you guys. At the end of last week I was handed the results of our Rye IPA beer scores.  (The 2011 MAGMA Italian Fest Beer Competition)  Like we reported a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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