420 HopFest Recap w/ Pics

What an amazing IPA centered event.  All local hopheads should attened this event.  They had a backlog of 50 kegged IPAs, that were rotated in and out like a hockey team.   Once one of the Kegs was kicked it was immediately replaced by a new different type, which led to a very dynamic beer selection.

Day 1 (4/15/11)

When we got there around 8:30pm the menu showed 27 Hop dominant beers on tap.  While most of them were available some … unfortunately … had already been drank.  For the life of me I can’t remember which one really I wanted that was missing … but there were plenty of others to occupy my time.  George, Kerry, Carla and I spent a couple of minutes going over the vast selection.  George isn’t much of an IPA man so he took the road less traveled while the three of us dove right into the draft selection.

Day 2&3 it was some quick drinking.  First Carla and I stopped back for a round to see what they had new going on.  The next day Joe, Hoyer, Justin made it out with Carla and myself to grab a round.  

Here is what I consumed during the week (Buckeye Beer Engine Current Tap List):

  1. Rogue – Oregasmic Ale [Info]
  2. Stone – Old Guardian Barley Wine [Info][BA]
  3. Green Flash – Imperial IPA [Info] [BA]  … This was a great beer
  4. Boulder Beer – Mojo Risin’ Double IPA [BA]
  5. Buckeye – Quad Loco [RB]
  6. Bell’s – Two Hearted Ale [Info][BA]
  7. Dark Horse – Crooked Tree IPA [BA]

I think I drank a handful of other beers … but I did not keep diligent notes as I should have.  Thats the reason I linked Beer Advocate after each beer, I kept no notes.  The only thing I stared in my notebook was Green Flash – Imperial IPA, I guess at the time my thinking was you should buy that today because it was outstanding.

Overall this was a fun event.  There wasn’t a lot of fan fare going on just a great selection of beers.  I would say for a beer drinker wanting to try some different beers that’s probably a good way to have the event ran, not a lot of show just some great beers.  Buckeye Beer Engine offers a beer sampler of any number of beers with a 4 sample minimum.  The sampler is a great option if you don’t want to get to trashed and try a lot of craft beers at the same time.  I did get to meet with the brewmaster Eric while I was there.  He was extremely friendly and helpful as I bounced ideas for the next beer we have planned (stay tuned).  He let me know of some pitfalls to avoid and some adjustments to make. 

I will be returning next year… Hope to see you guys there!

– Craig

PS.  We capped off the night at the Kennilworth on Friday night … Good Times.

Me, Kerry, Carla, George at the Kennilworth

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