Bottling the Beer Pictures and Recap

I'm with the kids while Patrick's taking the photo

Before we knew it the beer was ready to bottle.   We have been patiently waiting the last 3 weeks to get the bottling underway.  Once you bottle the goal is in sight being only 2 weeks away.  

There has been very little bubbling over the past week from the fermentation bucket.  It has sat in the cool dark basement (around 60º) undisturbed for the past 3 weeks.  We made and executive decision (couldn’t wait any longer) to check the Final Gravity with the hydrometer to see if we were at the 1.017-1.020 range.    Patrick got the lid open and away we went.  Perfectly at 1.020 which means its time to bottle.  It tool a little over 2 hours to sanatize everything (Star San), transfer everything to the bottling bucket, and then finally bottle and cap.   


The process is extremely simple so I wont go into too much detail. Here is just the quick rundown list:

  • Remove the lid from primary fermentation bucket
  • Sanitize all equipment used during bottling in Star San (ie bucket, tubes, bottles …)
  • Check your Final Gravity (FG) with the hydrometer (do at 60º)
  • Use siphon to transfer from Primary Fermentation bucket to bottling bucket
  • Cut 6 inches of rubber tubing from the siphon system
  • Put one end of the 6 inch tube on the dispenser for the bottling bucket and the other end over the glass filling rod
  • Once the beer is transferred in the bottling bucket, add the priming sugar
  • Take the sanitized beer bottle, press the filling rod into the bottom of the bottle
  • Fill the bottle up to the top of the bottle (taking the tube out give the perfect gap)
  • Take the sanitized caps, put them on top of the bottle, use the capping tool to cap the bottles
  • Store all the bottles (about 56 x 12oz beer bottles for the 5½ gallon beer) in a cool dark place for 2 weeks.

Now just wait the 2 weeks in anticipation.   Its going to be a long damn wait from Sunday till 2 weeks from now.  I guess I’ll have to fill my free time with a handful of beers for now.

[I’m adding a list of pictures below and a gallery for you guys to check out even more.]

– Craig

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