Random afternoon at the Beer Engine in Lakewood

Drinking Avery Brewing Company – Hog Heaven Barleywine.

This is a good beer


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Heading to Great Lakes Beer School

Just a real short post.

I’m currently heading to Great Lakes for their Beer School. I have never been to their school, so im extremely excited to see what’s all about. The best part about going tonight is that is put on by U. Dayton Cleveland Alumni Group.

I’ll take a bunch of pictures. However, if I continue my lazy trend I would imagine a recap post won’t be up for another month.

Go Flyers!


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Heading over to Buckeye Beer Engine’s Wood Age Beer

I have done about as much research for this post as i used to for my Communications 101 down at UD.   George and I are heading over to Buckeye Beer Engine for their Wood Aged Beer Event.   It started this morning at 11am and is going till 11pm tonight.

Buckeye Beer Engine – Wood Aged Beer Event 1/28/12

Depending on the amount I drink ….. or really how high the ABV is … i may or may not take photos and have a recap post.

Here to some early afternoon day drinking!

– Craig

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Beer Infographic | Hops: Bitterness, Flavors & Aromas

Just a quick little update guys.

A couple of weeks back I found a ton of Beer Infographs.  I know we have linked to a few in the past that showed a complete overview of the brewing process.  Today’s Beer Infographic by Zeke Shore is absolutely amazing.  I found it over at the London Amateur Brewers.

I have very little appreciation for art.  Either I don’t understand it or I maybe its the fact that I cant stand those pertinacious assholes who thinks he/she knows it all explaining the “true meaning” to me.

The way I see it … this poster is art.  It perfectly blends the information of Hop: Bitterness, Flavoring & Aromas.   It provides you with the Bitterness calculations on the bottom left which gives you an insight of where the numbers come from.  I think even for new brewers the poster delivers a clear profile all major hops varieties.

I truly think this is the perfect Beer post.   Seamlessly blending information with art.

Well done Zeke Shore.


– Craig

(Download here from Zeke’s website … obviously I didn’t create or own this image)

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Creating our All-Grain Oatmeal Chocolate Stout

A couple of weeks ago Patrick and I decided we needed to make the leap into All-Grain Brewing.   We did about as much research as you would expect from us … almost zero.  Unfortunately, we sometimes have the tendency to not take a step back and look at the big overall picture.

Before I dive into our mistakes and triumphs of our All-Grain adventure let me lay the ground work for our recipe.   After we brewed our Wheat, Patrick wanted to make a Stout.   Using the stout as our guide, we decided to try our hand at an All-Grain Chocolate Oatmeal Stout.

I did some googling on the world wide web and found a handful of recipes for guidance.  I also consulted my Clone Brews 2nd Edition book to see exactly what constituted a stout.   I figured out the base for our recipe leaving a couple options for what hops and yeast we would use.  Patrick gave a solid nudge in the choices we eventually used after looking into the catalog for Midwest Brewing Supplies.   Their catalog is an outstanding reference for making a decision on hops or yeast. They give a detailed description of each flavor profile and style guideline.

So without further delay here is what we came up with:

Most items are pretty standard for brewing.  We did follow a couple of new techniques besides just moving forward into All-Grain.   (FIRST) We decided to toast our oats before brewing.   This brings out more of the esensal oils and really enhances the oats flavor within the beer.   (SECOND) We added Irish Moss into the final stages of brewing.

Irish Moss (AKA Seaweed) is supposed to provide clarity.  I think this topic in particular will need a future follow up.   Make sure to keep checking back to find out more on exactly what Irish Moss is/does.

That’s it folks.   I feel like we developed a pretty solid recipe.  It has all the elements of a stout, I just hope that we will develop all the chocolate and oats flavors we are looking for.

Next week I will be adding the pics of our brewing process and hopefully walk you through some of the mistake we made.   Lets just say we were WAY over our Skis on this adventure.

Keep Brewing My Friends,

–  Craig

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The Lakewood Pillars Wing Crawl 8/20/11

Here is the Ticket

In keeping up the trend of posting events at the last minute … I present to you The Pillars of Lakewood Wing Crawl.

The event is tomorrow (8/20/11) starting at 1 in the afternoon and ending at 7pm.  As far as I can tell its just a good old fashion bar/wing crawl.   You get 4 wings at each of the 11 bars in Lakewood and then rank them.  There is a shutttle servie that brings you from bar to bar during the day.   All this plus drink discounts for only $15 pre-order (buy it today) or $20 at the event.

I hope we will see some of you guys out there.   I’ll be on Twitter for the event ….. and will more than likely forget to type anything.


– Craig

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Our Black Rye IPA Beer Competition Scoresheet

I hope all is going well with you guys.

At the end of last week I was handed the results of our Rye IPA beer scores.  (The 2011 MAGMA Italian Fest Beer Competition)  Like we reported a couple of weeks back our beer took 2nd place in the IPA category.  We scored a 38 & 37 = Total 37.5   Upon reviewing the scores we received from the AHA/BJCP event, we found out that the 37.5 put us right between VERY GOOD and EXCELLENT.

Very Good = Beers in this range may have a minor flaw (technical or stylistic), or may be lacking in balance or complexity.

Excellent = Beers in this range may have no flaws but may be missing the intangibles for a world class beer.

To be honest … I am extremely pleased with this result.  For our first custom beer I really think we hit it out of the park.  I will also note that a Certified Beer Judge (BJCP) gave us the 38.   Hopefully we can keep this streak alive.

– Rossi


[Two NOTES: 1) For disclosure I have met/kinda know Jan; I have no doubt that this had zero effect on his judging of our beer.  2) I took out everyone’s last name to protect people’s identity ]

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