“So what happening at Heights Brewing” you ask?  Piecing some things together, we’re going keezer.  I’ve been reading up on best practices when it comes to getting a kegerator together. I’ve read through a bazillion articles on Homebrewtalk.com and came to the conclusion that a chest freezer would be the easiest and most efficient way to make a kegerator (after my 50 dollar mini fridge experiment failed miserably (rather not talk about it)).  Anywho, here’s the model, I chose it because my apartment is not the most spacious place in the world and sans collar the freezer will hold two kegs.

I might make a collar pretty quickly to mount the co2 outside of the freezer to avoid any humidity problems that might affect the regulator, but I’m gonna save up some money to buy some beautiful perlick taps.  Until then, I’ll be managing with a picnic tap.

You might be thinking, “Patrick, beer freezes in a freezer.”  I know, I’ve got this covered.  Pick up a temperature control regulator, this cuts off the freezer before the temperature of the freezer hits 32 degrees, keeping your beverage cool but not icy.

To get an idea of my setup “might” look like, scroll through this forum, tell me you don’t get excited

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One Response to Update

  1. Tim H. says:

    Nice. With the right controller, could also be used for fermentation.

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