Remember When I Used To Review Beer

Stone collaboration – Cherry chocolate stout

We’ve got a desert in a bottle here. Try pairing this with a brownie or some vanilla or chocolate ice-cream (or make a stout float with it). This is a collaboration of Stone brewing Troegs and independent brewers Jason Fields and Kevin Shepard. Here’s the review:


A dark black with a dark tan head with a red hue.

S chocolate malts and cherry. Surprised at how much cherry is coming through

T getting significant amount of cherries, it finishes chocolately and malty. There’s a mild hop flavor in the middle, they don’t exactly meld well with the cherry flavor but not bad by any means.

M dense yet light if that makes sense. It feels dense yet it moves light and smooth throughout the mouth.

D amazing beer would have liked the hops mellowed a bit but still an ‘A’


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One Response to Remember When I Used To Review Beer

  1. Tim H. says:

    Shared some homebrew with these guys at Stone the day they brewed it. Awesome guys and made me a fan of Troegs. The first lauter took a while ’cause some fool added the cocoa nibs to the mash instead of the boil!

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