Monday Morning Recap

Hey Everyone,

Time for a monday morning racap, we’re going three weeks deep on pictures.  I’ll start it with Kevin M’s escapades.  He did send a couple of emails with descriptions and no pictures.  Must of been a good day.

Sun King - from St. Elmos Steak House

Kevin's famous day of drinking

Kevin's famous day of drinking

Indiana IndiansDog bizkit brown coming at yaharvey sour from Brugge Brewery in Broad Ripple

Buckeye beer at the Buckeye Bar on Kelly's IslandBelgian style ale. 8.5% begins smooth and malty with just a hint of spiced plum. Finishes semidry. Color is medium copper and head is tan and creamy. Recommendee to be consumed by professionals only, you know who

My fam made a trip to new orleans and stopped by the Abita Brewery to take a tour, heres what happened:

All about the basics, teach them about hops

Free Beer, one hour after the abita tour. Be there, two mins

A Rum tasting at a New Orleans Brewing Company

Mixed bag o Drinks in New Orleans

They walked by some guys rolling some stogies

Here's the rents enjoying some hurricanes

Then I had a couple of adventures in Cleveland, Buffalo and Chicago.

Three Floyds Gumball wheat during happy hour in Chicago

Three Floyds Black Beard for #IPAday

Three Floyds Gumball wheat during happy hour in Chicago

End of my Raspberry Stout - Pearl Street Brewery

Sampler Tray from the Pearl Street Brewery

Then moved on to a Delirium Tremens

Greg jumped in between the casca-zilla's

Cascade Zilla from Ithaca Brewing with BrendanGreg jumped in between the casca-zilla's

312 Urban Wheat fresh in Chicago with a La Amor de Cuba Cigar

Bloody Mary on Sunday at Chicago's Midway Airport

Pearl Street Brewery

Brewing our Chocolate Oatmeal Stout on Sunday

We Finally hat a hot break on our Stout

I'll leave you with a picture of the Karaoke Van Craig saw, think what you will.

Well guys, thats all for now.  Have a fun week at work/school.  Remember to send us your pictures during the week and the weekend so they make it on to the blog.  The easiest way to send them to us is via email to or you can tweet them @corkandkegs.



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