The Not So Recent Ohio Beer News

So a two  big news items came up in the past week in the Ohio beer world.

The biggest news is that Three Floyds will be coming back to Ohio, I got this news as I was in Indiana thinking I would outsmart Ohio and stock up until next time I was in their distribution area (The store I was at ran out of Dreadnaught, so I got that to look forward to). I read this news over on Bobby Likes Beer’s blog (another Cleveland beer blog I enjoy reading). So thats the good news. Three Floyds, we welcome you.


Bad news hit a couple days ago that The Bruery released a statement that said they would be scaling back operations in Ohio (see this this news release). Though not completely gone, its sad to see a great brewer like this decrease their volume to a great craft beer state like Ohio. We do appreciate the up front honesty that these brewers saying, “hey, people like our beer, but we can only do so much to keep the quality up and get our beers to everyone”. I don’t think this is a panic situation where you should pick up as much as you can as fast as you can, just keep an eye out, they’re beers are great.

Chill Out

That’s it for today, I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything else.


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