Monday Morning Recap

Good Morning, 

Its monday, time to see what everyone was up to (sorry about the picture frames, not sure why wordpress doesnt like me right now): 

Craig sent me an email that he would be MIA from the blog a couple days with the attached picture:



Looks like Tim got his hands into some beer from the one and only Mr. Baumann:


Baumann Brews 1


Baumann Brews 2

Here’s Tim’s easter morning, get jealous:

Bloody Mary, extra olives

I did send him back a picture of what I was doing at that exact same moment (great minds): 




This is what Tim found by the end of easter (back of his parent’s fridge, looks like he won this time:


Heres the sampler I got through the weekend.  Reviews to come later:

Ohio Craft Brew sampler
Ohio Brews

I went all artsy on the caps:

Caps for ohio brews
Fancy art

This is what ended up as my phone’s wallpaper by the end of that night (your guess=good as mine):

horse and arrow
Phone Wallpaper?

Annie made a trip to San Diego and decided the Corona would be a fitting start to the weekend:

San Diego, closer to Mexico than you think.

Then she moved on to some Pinot G after that: 

Pinot Grigio

The next day a little pina colado was on the docket:

Pino Colada

The Finally was the Prosecco before the plane ride back:


George T sent me this on friday, looks like his weekend opened up:  

Summer Shandy
What to do?
Mike also let me know what the feeling of a Sabres playoff loss looked like, theyll get’em next time:
Agony of Defeat

That was it for the weekend that was, if you have any pictures this upcoming weekend be sure to text us, email us at or tweet them @corkandkegs.



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