Monday Morning Recap

Hey Guys, its Monday, so that must mean we get a recap from what everyone was doing.

I’ll start this one out with my weekend.

Started on Thursday with a couple spring beers

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat

Abita Strawberry Lager

Then moved on to Friday in my basement, decided to pull out the stein for some miller light.

Miller Light

The we moved on to Panini’s for some Magic Hat

Magic Hat #9

Saturday afternoon we went to the lizard to warm up before the Cleveland Indians game.

Winking lizard table

Then we made it to the Tribe game (we won thankfully)

Then we made moves to the Cadillac Ranch

You mess with the bull

Then we doubled up on Cleveland sports and hit up a Cleveland Gladiators game.  Didn’t quite get a win out of this one.

Gladiators ready?

Then back to Panini’s for some Magic Hat (its the deal of the month)


May have taken a quick ride on someone’s truck

Highly Dangerous (dont try at home)

Then there was a late night cooking session involving some Genny Spring Bock


Then this showed up after church on sunday (I consider it a miracle).  On a side note, does anyone around cleveland drink venom energy drink?  I for one, do not…yet.


Then my mom tossed in a Sunday morning brunch

Beach Living

Then lil sis Margaret had the same idea.

Great Minds

Then Tim H. threw his hat into the race for best night out.  Looks like he checked out Telegraph Brewing Co in Santa Barbara (note convertible top is down, obviously not Cleveland)

Telegraph Brewing Co.

Then it looks like he was doing a little sampling along side some chocolate covered pretzels.

Tasting Notes

The final picture came approximately 12:30 am.

Santa Barbara Brewing Co.

Tim S. also forwarded some details from Boston this weekend.  He started thursday with the new Sam Adam’s summer flavors.  He preferred the Saison over the Kolsch, regardless I am looking forward to seeing these in Cleveland.

Sam Adams East West Kolsch

East West Kolsch

Sam Adams Rustic Saison

Rustic Saison

Then Tim made his way to the Boston Beer Works for some Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale.

Boston Beer Works Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale
Bunker Hill Blueberry

Then I got this picture from Tim with the message, “Blog My Life”.  Well Tim, here you go.

Fenway Park

Fenway Park


Thats it for the weekend, have a great week guys.  And remember, if you have any pics of what you did this weekend text us, tweet them to @corkandkegs or email them to


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