Monday Morning Recap

Happy Monday Everyone,

We’ve got a recap from the weekend that was.

Annie started out with the summer shandy over at P.J. McIntyre’s over in Westpark.  Her party bus started here and ended at Rummys on Mayfield.  Quite the night.

Summer Shandy (Arnold Palmer of beers)

Craig also had a couple of updates from Cleveland’s own Great Lakes Brewery.  Heres the most up to date tap list as of Saturday night.

Flash went crazy on this one

It looks like he caught bill with a little bit of a stout mustache (stout-stache); little did he know, Mustache March was over.


Craig started out with the Hop Madness (shocker, I know).

Hop Madness (foreground)

Then he moved on the Great Lakes Bitters, not sure if were gonna get a review for these but they look delicious.  Thanks Craig

Great Lakes Bitters

I had a good afternoon of reviews last Thursday reviews to follow.


That was all this weekend, if you guys have any interesting weekend pics, email them to, text us pictures or tweet them to @corkandkegs.

Have a great week guys


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