Monday Morning Recap

Got a couple texts from friends around the country and their various drinking situations.  Here’s a series from one of’s best viewers Tim.  he starts out with a JCU pint of a Sam Adams beer (cant quite make out what it was)

He moved on to a bar it seems, with a pint of the Long Trail Brewing (Vermont) Centenial, this would be a local beer for the New Hampshire based “Tim”

A little bit later, Tim got down on some Red Hook Brewing Long Hammer IPA.


Then Tim calmed it down and had a can of Budlight (St. Louis)


Greg also had some additions, here’s Greg drinking a Guinness (Dublin, Ireland) from what I can only conjecture is the back of a taxicab.


Then it looks like Greg got home and wound it down with a warm glass of Chianti (Italy)


Want to be part of the Monday Morning Recap, text me or email your what your doing to us at and remember, pictures are good.


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One Response to Monday Morning Recap

  1. tim says:

    beautiful recap!! all those beers were local to new england…believe it or not the bud light was as well…we have a local anheuser busch brewery in merrimack, nh…this week i hope to endulge is some Milly’s Tavern locals as well.

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